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Safety Workwear London Based Options – Remember The Basics

Safety workwear London wide choices cover all areas of your body. However, it’s not uncommon for those shopping for workwear England based for themselves or their employees to remember all their safety clothing but forget some of the other essentials of their job. It all depends on which sector you work in and what hazards you come across on a daily basis. For instance, flame retardant clothing is important in some industries, but less so in others. It’s vital to identify the hazards in your sector and, beyond that, in each job you undertake. Only then can you be prepared for the likely and unlikely eventualities.

Ear protection London based options are crucial if you work in a noisy environment. Your hearing is not only an important tool to your working life, it’s also highly valuable on a personal level. However, for many workers, it’s not until they start to lose it or suffer from things like tinnitus that they realise they should’ve taken more care with their hearing protection. It’s the law for employers to identify hearing risks and supply ear protection, but if you work for yourself, it’s obviously your responsibility. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your hearing – wear quality ear defenders and maintain your hearing.

Another piece of equipment that is critical in certain circumstances is the safety harness. If you run the risk of falling beyond a certain height while carrying out a job, then you need to ensure your safety by the means of a safety harness London wide. As a piece of equipment, the safety harness can literally be the difference between life and death, since an impact in the wrong place on your head could cause serious injury. However, you must ensure that you purchase your new harness from a reputable supplier, or you may regret it in the long run.

For all types of workwear London wide, you can trust in Hallmark Workwear & Safety. We know that safety equipment saves lives and that’s why we only supply quality equipment to our customers. We also recognise that value for money is an important consideration, especially for small and solo traders. So, whether you’re searching for ear protection or searching for a safety shoes shop London based, you’ve found your answer in us. Browse our range of workwear and safety accessories online at You can also call on 01227 833970 and find out more by speaking to one of our team.