CHALLENGE: Last Minute Logo for Jenner (Contractors) Ltd


When Jenner (Contractors) Ltd and Canterbury accountants Burgess Hodgson decided to challenge each other to a last-minute football match, there was only one thing missing: the Jenner logo on the football kit.

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What Every Employer Should Know About High Visibility Clothing


The importance of high visibility clothing is greater when employees need to operate in low visibility environments. By being equipped with the right tools and the right safety equipment, it’s possible for teams to deliver operational excellence with a high level of safety that will keep them safe and protected.

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Boost Your Brand With Embroidered Workwear


To showcase your business in the best light one of the easiest ways to achieve brand recognition is through embroidered workwear. It is a simple and cost-efficient way to build a great perception of your brand and contributes to a trusted reputation. With embroidered workwear, your logo, company name and mission statement are available for the world to see and with that, your brand gets a huge level of exposure.

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10 Workplace Safety Tips for Every Employee


It’s no secret that everybody needs to follow workplace safety rules, no matter which environment your employees work in. It’s vital to reduce the risk of suffering an injury or illness at work. Not only do they impact workforce morale, but they can also leave an impression on the bottom line.

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Does A Uniform Increase The Performance Of Workers?


Uniforms in the workplace can be a divisive subject, while some feel that it brings a work environment together, others believe that it can inhibit creativity and can make workers lose a sense of individuality. Without a doubt, a uniform can help certain professions to convey their message and their mission and showcase the company’s high standards.

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HSE Introduces the new Health & Safety Strategy for Great Britain


With 23 million working days lost each year due to workplace ill health at a cost of around £9 billion it is  a must to focus on reducing these numbers for the well-being and prosperity of Great Britain as a whole.

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Under the COSHH; Safety in the workplace


Making sure your employees, contractors and visitors are aware of any potential workplace hazards is imperative.

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Health & Safety Key Figures for Great Britain (2014/2015)


In 2014, Health & Safety Executives (HSE) have reported 1.2 million work related illness cases and 2,515 mesothelioma deaths due to past asbestos exposures, workers killed, and others injured and is the result of not conforming with the Personal Protective Equipment Legislation.

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Are you currently dealing with employees who are contentious about wearing appropriate PPE?


You are not alone. Many employers have to deal with employees not complying with health and safety regulations when PPE is required at the work place.  One of the most used excuses is that the safetywear is uncomfortable to work in, another is that they are ill fitting.

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Keep Safety At Hand With Traffiglove Agile Gloves


In many industries hand accidents become an occupational hazard where 70% of workers who experience any type of hand injuries turn out they were not equipped with protective gloves (Source: Kimberly-Clark Professional).

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An Introduction To Using Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)


The RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment) is part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); in fact, it is a type of PPE designed to protect you from inhaling hazardous substances formed from work activities and found in the form of dust, mist, vapour, gas or fumes as well as from oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

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It must be CE marked! But, how can I ensure my products are CE marked?


If you have come across the terminology “CE marked” a few times but haven’t had the chance to look into it, then you are on the right page!

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HSE Facts You Need To Be Aware Of…


As an employee PPE somehow becomes a hassle. We all know that, we have all been there. Although PPE is legally required to be used at the work place, many employees and even employers tend to forget the importance of using it.

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The Importance Of Understanding PPE Category Types


In our previous blog: “Top Tips Everyone Should Know About The New PPE Regulation” we covered some of the main changes that will take place in the PPE Legislation, and we particularly explained how some PPE will suffer a re-classification by being moved from Category II to Category III.

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PPE Regulation - Top tips everyone needs to know!


Currently at the stage of final agreement on the wording, the PPE Directive is expected to take place with full enforcement at the end of 2018 under a different classification: PPE Regulation. But what is happening meanwhile?

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PPE directive changes due to advanced technology


The European Union and Parliament have both acknowledged that Personal Protective Equipment is a vital commodity, especially now that more advanced equipment has been introduced to the market. However, these advanced machines may render some health and safety legislations no longer applicable, nor effective.

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The Importance of High-Visibility Safety Apparel


Required by the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992, HSVA is a necessary piece of clothing provided by employers free of charge along with adequate information and training.

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Do you know what PPE you need?


Are you a small business owner looking to purchase an adequate PPE for your business? Or, perhaps you are just preparing everything you need for your next DIY job?

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Maintaining your protective equipment clean and in good condition


Maintaining your personal protective equipment under good conditions might not be  your hobby nor sound appealing to you at all. However, it is crucial to start taking it into consideration because you will be firstly, protecting yourself from wearing damaged safety uniform which could lead to injuries and secondly, saving money by not having to replace it constantly.

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The importance of PPE within the working environment


Whether you are a start-up, small business, self-employed or perhaps, just interested in personal protective equipment for your own peace of mind, PPE is a fundamental requirement in the health and safety of any employee or contractor.

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A short introduction of using PPE at work!


In one of our previous blog articles, “The importance of PPE within the working environment” we have emphasised how refusing to use appropriate / adequate PPE can lead to tragic accidents and threat your future and your business success.

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