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Workwear England: Health And Safety Rules

Workwear England wide has many different aspects to it, from hard hats and safety goggles to toe protector boots. Although there is lots of variety when it comes to safety workwear, there is only one reason behind the need to wear it: health and safety. These are perhaps three of the most important words in employment, as it is every employer’s duty to ensure that their employees are kept safe when at work. This is why having the right PPE (personal protective equipment) is essential in any line of work. But particularly in construction and engineering, health and safety needs to come first.

Workwear London: How To Protect The Head

Protecting the head using workwear London based is essential when on site or in a warehouse, for example. Head injuries can be life changing and cause untold amounts of damage to the rest of the body through injury to the brain. They can also be fatal. This is why wearing a hard hat at the very least is so important. There are even regulations (the Construction Head Protection Regulations) that set out very specific requirements for safety workwear in London and elsewhere. These include the fact that safety headgear needs to fit properly after it has been adjusted in the correct way. It also needs to be suitable for the activity that the wearer is carrying out. Another aspect that should be considered is that this equipment – including a hard hat – needs to be provided to employees free of charge. Therefore, it is a good idea for employers to search around to find a good company to supply the items. The hard hat needs to be appropriate for the job at hand, and it also needs to be compliant with regulations – however, that should not mean that it costs a lot. Inexpensive safety equipment does not mean poor quality if you use the right company to supply it.

Workwear In England: How To Protect The Feet

In many areas of work, foot protection is just as important as any other kind of PPE. It can be a cause of concern, however, as there are so many different types of safety footwear to choose from. Workwear in England needs to be fit for purpose, and this is more important than worrying about the cost. Cheap safety boots London based might be just as good as their more expensive counterpart, but it should be ensured that they meet the necessary requirements, rather than just your budget. In order to ascertain whether safety footwear is required, it is important for a risk assessment to be carried out to point out any hazards. Hazards can include slippery floors, hot floor surfaces, the presence of acids, solvents, or oils, electrical hazards, and the potential to drop anything heavy on someone’s feet. Once the risk assessment has been carried out, and as much of the risk has been eliminated as possible, you can determine whether workwear England based manufactured safety boots or shoes are needed. Since there are many different varieties of safety footwear including boots, shoes, Wellingtons, and even trainers, there is always something that is suitable for your employees, and does not look out of place with their uniform.

Workwear London: Why Is High Visibility Clothing Needed?

Workwear England based isn’t just about items that physically protect the body from accidents. It is also about clothing that allows people to be spotted sooner, therefore ideally preventing accidents from happening in the first place. High visibility (high vis) safety clothing London wide does just that. High vis clothing is a specialist type of clothing made from fluorescent material. There are often reflective bands also sewn into the clothing to give even better visibility. The clothing is designed to be used during both day and night. High vis workwear London based is required in any workplace where there is poor or limited visibility. This includes construction sites, elevated work areas, roadways and more. Since there are so many different types of high vis clothing available, it is necessary to ensure that whatever you pick as an employer meets the conditions put in place by the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992). This means that the clothing must be suitable for the risk levels on site, and that is comfortable and non-restrictive; allowing employees freedom of movement and not inhibiting their ability to carry out the work required. Any high vis workwear must also be compatible with any other safety workwear being worn.

Workwear In England: Flame Retardant Clothing

Workwear in England needs to encompass many different aspects of health and safety. One of the problems that this type of clothing needs to protect from is fire. Workwear in Essex, Kent, London, and even further afield can be flame retardant, which means that it is ‘fireproof’, keeping those who need to wear it and work in potentially dangerous situations safe. There are many professions and situations in which flame retardant clothing is important. This includes the obvious examples such as fire fighters with their own uniforms, but it could also include your employees. If your business is about chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electricity, food processing, paint manufacturing, the paper industry, and many more, your employees may need to wear flame retardant clothing. It is best to check this when ordering their uniform, and ensure that you are buying the correct PPE for them. Flame retardant clothing is excellent when used as safety workwear since it self-extinguishes, or completely resists ignition when subject to dangerous situations that would otherwise cause a fire. Another great property is that even when it does get hot, it does not melt onto the skin and cause more damage. Neither does it break open to expose the skin. As long as you purchase your PPE workwear from a reputable company such as Hallmark Workwear & Safety, you know it will do its job.

With Hallmark Workwear & Safety Your Workwear England Is The Safest Around

For many industries it is a legal requirement for employers to provide their employees with suitable PPE. Buying your workwear England based from Hallmark Workwear & Safety means not having to worry about quality or price – we provide exceptional value. From hard hats and safety goggles, to steel toe capped safety boots and flame retardant clothing, we have it all. Simply see our website at for full details and contact us on 01227 833970 or email We can provide your business with everything it needs to stay compliant with all health and safety legislation.